Volkswagen Servicing Most Common Problems in Dubai

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Volkswagen Servicing, Gargashauto is a name that many people know. Volkswagen was founded in 1937. The company began producing cars at a time when cars were considered as luxury goods and only accessible to those with wealth regardless of the fact that Volkswagen is “people’s car”.

Volkswagen servicing is one of the Dubai automobile manufacturer, and is among the biggest worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll not experience issues common to all car manufacturers as other car makers.

Volkswagen has been awarded numerous times for its safety and design, and is clearly way ahead of the curve in terms of safety features. They’ve been putting safety features to their cars even before it was not legal. The cars are extremely popular among younger, young drivers who have just started driving. They have a range of safety and security features can be integrated into cars to improve control and more enjoyable driving.

Through the decades, Volkswagen experienced their own car issues that required to be resolved. Here are some of the most frequent repair and defect issues Volkswagen owners have faced. Each car and truck has flaws and there’s no one “perfect” vehicle. This list shouldn’t stop the purchase of any particular manufacturer, it’s merely a checklist so you’re aware of the unexpected happens.

The chance of running into some of these issues are extremely unlikely, but there are a few that could show up in the life of the vehicle you own, depending.

The Check Engine Light:

There are several circumstances that may cause an engine check light turn on that can be a nuisance. The check engine light that appears doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your engine, but it could mean that there is something wrong and needs to be dealt with. It could be an issue with the fuel cap, which is a typical Volkswagen problem. If the light on your engine comes on, it does not mean that you’ve got a problem however, you should take it to the mechanic for a check-up.

Remember that your vehicle will not be inspected in the event that this light is illuminated and you won’t know whether it’s a problem until your mechanic examines the issue. Certain Volkswagen cars will show the light on, regardless of having low mileage. It could be due to a issue with the software or the sensor may not be functioning properly.

A Timing Belt Defect:

It could be a problem. When the time comes the timing belt needs to be replaced. It’s inevitable. The real issue is the possibility of it becoming defective too early. If the timing belt is in a state of disrepair, it could cause severe engine issues.

Volkswagen claimed that the timing belts they use are designed to last for around 120,000 miles. It was reported that certain vehicles in the end of 2000 that had timing belt problems way too quickly. Some have failed after just 20,000 miles, but it is more likely to happen with certain models that have specific engines. This could be a serious problem, so be aware if you notice that the engine check light turns up and it’s your timing belt, Volkswagen servicing.

Oil Problems:

Every car needs regular oil changes, which should not come as a shock. Volkswagen however was plagued by problems with its vehicles in the early 2000s. The cars were developing terrible oil accumulations much sooner than what was to be anticipated. The engines of these cars were experiencing problems at 70,000 miles when the oil wasn’t changed regularly. If you change your oil every 4,000-5,000 miles, you’ll not have a buildup of gunk which could damage the engine.

Wire Harness Shorts:

The issue can be associated with the Jetta from the year 2006. Jetta. Since this was a well-known vehicle, Volkswagen ended up with an image of having malfunctioning electronics in their vehicles, when the issue was entirely related to the Jetta. The wiring harness was able to short to around 100,000 miles. Be aware that the electronic components in your car must be inspected by your mechanic. This is particularly true when your car is close to the six-digit mileage mark.

The Airbag Malfunction Light:

After 100,000 miles, this is a prime moment to be concerned in the field of electronic systems. Like checking engine lights this could be extremely annoying as the malfunction light tells that there’s an issue with your airbag and you should visit your mechanic and get it examined. In the end, it’s best to be in the safest possible position. What you don’t want to do is think it’s an issue with the sensor, only to you find yourself that involves an airbag being deployed!

Coil Failure:

Certain Volkswagen models may have coil problems at around 70,000 miles. A damaged coil could cause engine problems and ignition issues. There could be the coil not firing, a high fuel consumption and the engine may stop. It’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to a mechanic if you suspect that it’s an issue with your coil. Similar to other issues with cars that you may encounter, it’s important to fix the minor issues before they turn into bigger issues.

Strange Noises:

Volkswagen like all automobiles, can make loud clunking sounds in front of vehicles that have front-wheel drive. A strut’s top could become degraded, creating that noise that clunks when you turn. If the springs in the rear start falling apart, it could cause a sound that resembles a rattle in the rear side of your vehicle. The sound may become obvious when driving through bumps. If you hear a loud sound coming from the center of your vehicle there’s a possibility of a malfunction in the muffler bracket that is located mid-section.


There is no doubt that Volkswagen makes some great vehicles and is constantly a favorite. There are times when problems can occur and, if they do, it is important to resolve the issue by a professional mechanic to get your car functioning. is no need to be in a rush but ensuring that you’re doing regular maintenance can help you reduce any significant expenses in the future. Always bring your vehicle to the experts you trust.

We’re dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality service at reasonable prices. If your Volkswagen needs to be checked, repaired or a service, or even an MOT, fill out our easy quote form without obligation to request an estimate.

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