Features Decentralized Exchange Development Company Integrate?

Decentralized Exchange Development Company

In the last few years, the crypto world has witnessed enormous growth along with immense popularity. The demand is not merely rising in businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs; rather, individuals are showing interest too. When it comes to a well-experienced Decentralized Exchange Development Company, it gets huge traffic.ย 

Even though itโ€™s been a long time since the world was introduced to cryptocurrency, many countries still donโ€™t find it reliable or trustworthy. Some places have made it illegal to use Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. but that’s no longer true. The Supreme Court of India lifted the ban on using Bitcoin in the country last year. Most cryptocurrencies have seen price increases since then. Additionally, the value increased when prominent institutions such as PayPal, Tesla, Visa, JP Morgan, etc. showed their support for cryptocurrency.

The main focus of business is to develop top-notch decentralized exchange platforms that meet all market requirements and generate enormous profits. But how do we even get started? Is it better to build a centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange? What is the price? More inquiries of this nature call for clarification.ย 

Key User Features Decentralized Exchange Development Company Integrateย 

  • New User Registration

Here comes the first step to driving new users to your platforms. When the user visits our website or app, make sure they donโ€™t face any kind of trouble while creating an account and logging in. Additionally, security features are imperative in user registration, such as a captcha or user verification, to prevent tampering and unauthorized logins.ย 

  • Two-Factor Authentication

You can also implement a two-factor authentication function for account access for more protection.ย  For example, you can send an OTP to make logins more private. Because users will have financial assets, it is important to have strong security measures.

  • Digital Wallet

A digital wallet facilitates users’ keeping of cryptocurrencies. They can load the wallet with their favorite local currency and use it to buy or trade Bitcoin. If they decide to sell the Bitcoin, the proceeds can be kept in this wallet.Key User Features Decentralized Exchange Development Company Integrateย 

  • Order Book

In a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange app or website, an order book is used to show users’ past transactions. The order book keeps track of every transaction made by the user, including deposits, purchases, and withdrawals.ย 

  • User Interface (UI)

It’s important for the DEX platform’s growth and user satisfaction that it has a nice user interface. The user interface should be made not only to look good but also to give the user a great experience.ย 

  • Expertise in Creating Such Platforms

Many developers get so caught up in how hard their app or website is to make that they don’t pay much attention to the UI and UX. Because of this, it seems like it would be best to go with a company that knows how to make websites and apps.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

Users should be able to utilize their preferred payment method when buying or investing in cryptocurrencies on the platform. Make it simple for customers to make withdrawals and trades. The most popular cryptocurrency payment processors should be used.

  • Trading Analytics

All relevant trading analytics can be seen visually in the form of charts and graphs on the platform. Users can track and record data like investment, profit, and development. Additionally, they have the ability to forecast future cryptocurrency trades and exchanges.

  • Security Features

When there are financial risks, security should be a top concern. To protect the login process, encrypt user access, limit login attempts, etc., you must have a number of security measures in place. To prevent account intrusions, two-factor authentication can be made mandatory for all users. You can also have the time-locked transaction feature integrated so that it logs out when specific trading is completed.

  • Multilingual

While English remains the language of choice, you can add support for other languages if you’d like. You can more easily hire native speakers of the area’s languages. People are more comfortable browsing in the language of their choice.

  • Liquidity

Liquidity is a measure of how easy it is to turn a coin into cash or a user’s own currency. You can utilize a safe API to access liquidity and incorporate it into your platform so that users can make wise trading decisions.

  • Buy/sell Cryptocurrency

Orders from users should be simple to place, whether they are for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency. They can enter the desired amount, examine the current price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and then place their order.

  • Multi Cryptocurrency Support

Numerous digital currencies are currently accessible for trading on exchanges throughout the globe. It’s crucial to offer several cryptocurrencies if you want to attract users from all over the world to your website. It will aid in expanding your platform’s user base, which in turn will increase revenue.

  • Notifications

A tool that lets users know when their account has been updated, such as when an order is confirmed or when the prices of cryptocurrencies change, etc.

  • Support Tickets

ย Users may encounter a variety of problems with their assets, transactions, purses, etc. To maintain their satisfaction and gain their trust, it is essential to provide support.

There is no doubt that Cryptocurrency Software Development services have solved many transaction issues. This new technology has plenty of benefits which are attracting more business to itself.ย 

Wrapping Up

Are you facing any issues managing your transaction? A decentralized Exchange Development Company is the solution. As most businesses consider using cryptocurrencies, their popularity is drastically soaring.

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