Choose the Best Chilled Water Tank 

Chilled water tank

People use chilled water tanks and cold water storage tanks commercial to store cool water for drinking and other purposes. These are typically stainless Steel and have insulation to maintain a lower water temperature. There are different types of chilled water tanks, but they all serve the same purpose of keeping the water cool. A Chilled water tank is ideal for the summer when you desperately want cool and refreshing water.

Choose a Stainless Steel chilled water tank

 Usually, there are several types of chilled water tanks, but those made of Stainless Steel are the best because they are more durable than any other type of tank. Stainless Steel is an ideal material for storing water with qualities such as anti-corrosion, leakage proof and hygienic. Such tanks require virtually no maintenance, unlike PVC or concrete tanks. There is no doubt that stainless Steel is the most suitable material for making chilled water tanks. 

 Such tanks are also fire-resistant and are not affected by ultraviolet light exposure. The sunlight a chilled water tank receives is reflected back; therefore, it doesn’t expand due to heat. Even during extreme weather conditions, it remains ductile. Anyone looking for the best water tank in India must choose a stainless steel tank. Stainless Steel as a metal is perfect for chilled water tanks and fire water tanks, hot water tanks, cold water storage tanks commercial and process tanks.

 Chilled Water Tanks have Multiple Uses.

 These types of tanks are widely used in dairy, beverage, food, medicine, and cosmetics because cleanliness and hygiene are important in these industries. When choosing a water tank for the business, several factors are considered. Although PVC tanks are more common, people mainly prefer them for domestic and light uses. You need strong and sturdy tanks for industries, and PVC tanks are not good enough.

 Smaller units’ requirements and expectations may differ from those of big industries. For instance, the cost is a major issue for those who run a small unit, but the priority is more on long-term needs for larger units. There are also other factors, such as the size of the tank and its location. Ideally, people like their water storage tanks to be fixed on the backside of the building to maintain the overall look of the building. 

Advantages of Stainless Steel Chilled Water Tank

 There are many advantages of Stainless Steel chilled water. Let us find out about them.

 Sturdy and Strong

 Stainless Steel is a sturdy and strong material and more durable than any other tank type. Normally, concrete or PVC tanks don’t last long; after some time, they need replacements. It increases the cost. Therefore, it’s not preferred as a commercial water tank. Quality is the prime concern for industries and commercial setups because they operate for long hours and won’t like interruptions because of an inferior product. Hencethey always select the best quality for purchasing cold water storage tanks in the commercial.

Easy to maintain 

Water storage tanks often require routine cleaning and Maintenance. Here, a stainless steel commercial water tank has a distinct advantage because it’s easier to clean and maintain them. Moreover, unlike plastic tanks, such tanks don’t leak and have virtually no chance of getting contaminated. It is why Steel chilled water tank in India is more popular than any other variety.

Anti Corrosive 

Stainless Steel is an anti-corrosive material, and it possesses natural protection against oxidation through water or any other liquid. These tanks do not need an extra coating to make them corrosion-resistant. Moreover, such tanks are immune to toxic radiation, which makes them the best option for hospitals, hotels, and office buildings.

 Pro Environment 

 Stainless Steel is a pro-environment material because it is made from recycled materials that contain no harmful chemicals. There is no probability of freezing or rusting with stainless steel tanks.

 Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable.

 Stainless steel chilled water storage tanks sell more than any other tank type because they can maintain water temperature and hygiene and ensure safe and clean water. Stainless Steel chilled water tank is also the best choice from an environmental point of view because it’s hundred percent recyclable, unlike plastic or concrete tanks. Manufacturers of such storage tanks also get attractive incentives from the government for being environmentally friendly. 

 More Durable 

 Stainless Steel Chilled Water Tank offers excellent durability compared to PVC or concrete tanks. The metal has natural protection against oxidation by water and biocides. Such tanks are leak-free and don’t need an internal or external coating to avoid corrosion. All these qualities give it long durability and make them the best choice for chilled water storage tanks. 

 Organisms & Bacteria Free

 Chilled water tanks serve a very important purpose because they store drinking water. Stainless Steel is the most hygienic material, making such tanks ideal for hospitals, hotels, and residential apartments. In comparison, PVC and concrete tanks are susceptible to the organism, bacterial growth, and chemical contaminations. They have a porous body that allows calcium leaching, resulting in the pollution of the entire water supply.

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