Let’s pair Indian jewellery with western clothing

Let's pair Indian jewellery with western clothing

Indian ladies in general like traditional jewellery, which we always match with our ethnic attire. But have you ever thought about pairing your traditional jewellery with western clothing? Wearing luxury artificial jewellery sets today has more to do with elevating your sense of style and creating a statement than it does with simply adding glitter to your outfit. The Indo-Western clothing and jewellery combo makes a very strong design statement and highlights your own style. Western attire can have a wonderful charm when paired properly with fine Indian jewels.If you’ve always been proud of India’s rich culture and want to control the fashion scene by wearing jewels with contemporary clothing, read on! Here are some suggestions for wearing western attire and Indian jewellery together.

1.Dress with no straps and a Kundan necklace

Combining western clothing with Indian jewels is thought to be among the most daring fashion decisions. Kundan was once widely believed to be only suitable for bridal adornment. There has been a substantial evolution of this concept. You’ll look amazing on the red carpet if you wear a black strapless dress with a kundan necklace. In reality, a number of actors and models have already tried this mix, and the results weren’t good. But why do you worry so much about fusing and merging various styles? Wearing the necklace with the gown makes it simple to immediately make a fashion statement.

2.White Shirt and Flashy Necklace at a Party

What images come to mind when you consider a white shirt? Put on your professional or workplace attire. The addition of a striking necklace can significantly alter all-white button-down shirt workplace attire. Both the necklace and the skirt are interchangeable pieces of clothing that go well with both skirts and jeans. The necklace has the ability to give the wearer the extra oomph they need to make any outfit look better. Never forget that a striking necklace should draw attention when worn.

3.With a shirt, evening gown, or jacket, wear a silver necklace.

Try pairing a stack of silver oxidised necklaces with a lovely strappy or skater dress, a floral top, a maxi dress, or a shrug with colourful embroidery if you want to dress casually but stylishly. You may achieve a bohemian appearance by layering silver necklaces with a plain crop top and flowy skirt. Your greatest alternative if you want to look more refined and elegant with glam is to pair your chunky silver necklace with a white shirt and slacks. Additionally, when wearing blazers or jackets over tube shirts, accessorise with a substantial silver necklace set.

4.Traditional Kada and Bangles Will Add Panache To Your Look

We adore wearing kadas and bangles with ethnic attire. However, it works brilliantly when worn with western clothing. You can wear your traditional kadas and bangles with a variety of sleeveless skirts, short-sleeved shirts, and even long robes. Simply try matching it with some fashionable classic bangle bracelets to achieve the striking style. To replicate Alia Bhatt’s gorgeous style, pair it with your enormous traditional fashion earrings.

5.Wear an LBD and Jhumka Earrings.

Always wear your LBD (Little Black Dress) when facing a challenging scenario. In the clothing and accessory sectors, this adage is commonly employed. However, your little black dress does not need to be at all similar to anyone else’s. You can prolong the wear of the timeless item of apparel by donning your go-to set of jhumka earrings. The time-honored little black dress can now be given just the right amount of glamour thanks to the classic jhumkas.

6.Black dress and gold jewellery go together

By pairing a stunning boho shrug with a straightforward black dress and some understated yet elegant gold fashion accessories, you may quickly boost your appearance. This ensemble can be a great choice for occasions that call for an Indo-western appearance. If you keep the concept of your jewellery and clothing straightforward and utilise a minimal amount of design elements, you can attend formal events as well. You can also dress up your style with pricey Maang tikas to make you appear more glam and diva-like.

7.Chandbalis Will Add Some Glamour

Every woman’s list of favourite jewelery always starts and ends with chandbalis. They look stunning with sarees and long Kurtis. All you need are these extraordinarily enormous baalis or Chandbalis with your western clothing if you want to create a magnificent fusion style where you want a combination of ethnic inspirations with a modern touch. When paired with your gorgeous Chandbalis, a western dress will make you appear chic, refined, and all-around lovely. According to widespread consensus, you can wear these imposing baalis with a jumpsuit, a high-waisted pencil skirt, or a Kurti with a western-style neck.

8.Statement Necklace and a Gown or Blazer

A classic, sizable statement necklace goes well with both an off-the-shoulder evening gown and a maxi dress. The ensemble will impress onlookers with its daring fashion statement. With this outfit, you would look like a true diva. Wearing a lehenga skirt, a collared shirt or blazer, and a sizable statement necklace is the easiest way to rock the Indo-Western look.

9.Western clothing with traditional jewellery

You can create a fusion style by wearing both western attire and jewellery that is traditionally Indian. The fusion style has been the most widely worn fashion trend in recent years. Everyone can be seen wearing traditional jewels with western apparel, from Bollywood celebs to fashion designers. By wearing your favourite fashion jewels with western apparel, you can show your originality and explore new ideas. Jhumka earrings go great with denim shirts and outfits. Large traditional Kundan necklaces can also be used with dazzling jumpsuits, gowns, pantsuits, etc.

So, these were some of the best jewellery styling suggestions for wearing Indian jewels with western apparel. It could be perplexing or unusual to hear this.

However, the fusion look is truly magical when worn with the right clothing and jewellery. There are many ways to mix contemporary outfits with vintage jewellery to create a stylish fusion style.

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