Best WooCommerce Inventory management plugins

woocommerce inventory management plugins

Earlier for a WooComeerce store, it is very difficult and stressful to manage all systems of inventory but now with of help of the WooCommerce Inventory management plugin, the process is very easy and simple.
WooCommerce inventory management plugin helps the store-owner to easily track their product, order status, and shipping as well as automatically update the out-of-stock order.
You can easily monitor the inventory for stock quantity as well can also check the out-of-stock quantity to avoid missing the new order and ask the seller to prepare the order before your orders show as due.

Some of the best and easy-to-use WooCommerce inventory management plugins are:

1. Quickbook Commerce/TradeGecko

This wordpress plugin is very popular for its WooCommerce inventory management as well as order management software. You can download it for a 14-day free plan or with a paid plan for $39/per month.

Some of the most demanded features of the plugin are :

Inventory control: With this feature, you can see the entire product catalog and keep control of track of inventory, sales orders, location, etc.

Warehouse Inventory Management and Optimization: If you have more than one warehouse then this feature helps in moving inventory from one warehouse to another by automatically adding or deletion of stocks. You can easily get an inventory forecast to avoid a shortage of products at that time.

2. Orderhive WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

This plugin is very famous among multiple warehouse online stores. It helps you to control and manage multiple warehouses with stock status, stock transfer as well as account software without any hassle and errors. You can download it from store apps with a paid plan of $45/month.

Some features of the plugin are :

Simplified product management: You can manage thousands of products with multiple stores on a single screen without any hassle.

Products Catalog Management: With this feature, you can easily do bulk import and export of product information, generate and print barcodes as well as manage inventory according to location.

Inventory visibility and time operation: You can easily track where the stock is, the stock is committed to whom and arrival is due in real-time. You can also keep a sharp eye on all incoming and outgoing inventory.


WooPos helps the user to manage everything across multiple stores on one platform. It also helps to manage employee workflow, follow customer trends, access your data anytime and anywhere as well as monitor sales points. You can easily handle massive data work with various search and filter options. You can download the free version as well as a paid version for $99/month.

Many features are included in WooPos like:

  1. Access secure payments through multiple methods
  2. Customer support
  3. Managing customer behavior, trends, and access to over 500 reports.
  4. Design, create and print customized mailing labels.
  5. Track and maintain stock levels across multiple stores in real time.

4. Zoho

Zoho is the cloud-based woocommerce inventory management plugin that helps you in synchronizing all the woo commerce orders. It’s a tie-up with shipping carriers around the world. You can download it for free as well as get a paid plan of $15/month.

In this plugin, you will get many features like:

Inventory Centralised: You can easily update your inventory quantities whenever a sale is live across all your selling partners automatically. It allows automatic re-ordering.

Barcode inventory management: You have to set the barcode for all the products for the first time and set it automatically as you create invoices, sales, or order purchases every time.

Track serial number: After setting the barcode on every product you can easily identify each order with code and track its movement from ordering to dispatch movement.

5. Smart manager plugin

The smart manager plugin is very popular and unique among all store owners which you can download from store apps. Store owners get breakthrough results from this plugin which helps them to reduce their workload as well as increase their profit.

Store owners can download its free version from wordpress and if someone wants the advanced version they can get it for $199/per year.

This plugin is loaded with many features:

Bulk editing: You can update thousands of product variations, orders, coupons, any subscription, as well as many things within a second or minute without any stress and errors with the help of this feature.

Inline edit: With these features, you can add products and post-type data to the spreadsheet of the store directly.

Simple and advanced search: Earlier it was very difficult to search for any products from a thousand lists but with these features, the process becomes very simple as you can flash among thousands of products.

Export delete: By using a filter you can export any data, add new products as well as delete duplicate products at one time within a second. You can easily print invoices with packing slips.

6.WooCommerce stock inventory management plugin

WooCommerce Stock Manager Plugin is one of the best sellers as it allows one to view and analyze all the products on one single screen. It is available for free on the store app.

Many features are included in this plugin, such as:

Stock Management: The plugin allows one to view the entire company catalog on one single page and hence makes it easier to edit items in bulk.

Filtration of products: The plugin provides a unique code to every product which helps in filtering them. Also, products can be filtered and made into groups on the basis of size, color, niche, etc.

Import/Export: All the stock data of your store can be edited easily and then imported to a CSV file for a smooth process.

7. Veeqo

Veeqo allows the automation of all the back office work making it easier for retailers to manage their business. You can manage orders, ship to customers, view detailed reports, multiple warehouse control as well as update inventory across multiple channels in real-time.

The plugin is available as a free as well as paid version for $160/month.

This plugin includes many features such as :

WooCommerce Administration Stock transfer between warehouses: It makes the verification of the current stock status when sending and receiving stock much simpler and faster.

Inventory Automation: With the help of these features, you may decide how much inventory is displayed to your channel partners.

Account Streamline: From all the sales channels, you can sync inventory, sales, and purchasing data directly into desktop accounting software.


Due to its automatic update and sync features, which assist you in balancing stock levels, eSwap is convenient for both small and large organizations. Both a free and a paid version are available in the market. Paid Version starts at $79/year.

Some of the features included in this plugin like:

Single-screen inventory management:ย It allows you to upload new inventory and sync it with several channel partners. You can also list products by custom tags, import and export data to CSV, and check the inventories of all warehouses for each item.

Additionally, you can separate variant stocks in the warehouse and obtain a report of each product with all of its dimensions. It results in the aid of calculating the cost of shipping.

Archive inventory: You can archive any product-related information, price, images, etc and whenever you need it again in bulk you can unarchive that product without any hassle and effortless.

9. Katana

Katana is a very popular plugin among all online stores because of its one-stop solution. You can manage raw materials, production, shipping management as well as multiple stores with real-time data access with this plugin only.

You can also know the actual manufacturing cost of the product as well as the inventory levels of many products at different locations. You can download its free version for someday and a paid version for $99/year hence you get free live chat and email support.

10. ATUM

You can download this plugin for free and get an easy-to-use interface on existing sites. You can check the list of products with their status and stock level and also customize the interface according to your choice.

The top features of this plugin are pdf export to order, reordering aids, inventory search filters, and much more. You can download its free version as well as a paid version for a better experience.

11. Z Inventory

Z inventory is very easy to use and a convenient option for automatic stock inventory. You can quickly organize sales, purchases, orders, and shipments. You can also monitor real-time data of stock level, and track the sales order, inventory metrics, and transaction history.

You can download its free version as well as a paid version for $39/year for live support and update.

12. Finale Inventory E-commerce

If you want to sync your products automatically then this is the best plugin for you. This plugin helps keep your inventory up-to-date.

It is a powerful cloud-based database that is secure and updates in real-time, access from any device connected to the internet. You can track the movement of stocks from one warehouse to another and check product stocks which increases the user experience.

13. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

This woocommerce inventory management plugin helps you to automatically update stock levels from the external file. You can quickly synchronize the product price and update them through the external file.

This plugin also provides Dropbox support, google-drive, spreadsheet support, import product information, etc. You can download it for $15/per year.

14.WooCommerce out of Stock Manager

This plugin helps in managing out-of-stock products scenario. You can create threshold rules for your product and assign custom warnings that will alert you about the stock that comes below the threshold. You can also customize the page for stock as well as dashboard widgets for a better experience. You can download it for $16/year.

15. Multi-Location Inventory Management

With the aid of this plugin, you can quickly find the location of the product closest to you and see its availability and price in relation to your current location.

You can easily manage product availability and price at the preferred locations, list only selected location products, the option to assign store managers at different locations, and much more.

16.WooCommerce Availability Notification

This plugin enables you to receive intelligent notifications for low stock, backorders, and stock availability. Additionally, you can change the font color for various stock alert message types. This plugin alerts the consumer about each product in your store and supports both single and variable products.

17. Store-Pep Mobile App

This plugin is a handy tool that helps you to monitor and manage your business on the go. You can identify the area where your business is running low and can do improvement solutions as soon as possible. You will get real-time push notifications regarding product details, stocks, and prices.

18. PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit

This plugin makes it simple and quick to bulk edit your goods, categories, prices, and variables. Without visiting the page for each individual product, changes can be made directly in the product field. With the help of advanced search filter options, products are simply found. Its paid version costs $59 a year, or you can download the free version.

19. Stitch WooCommerce Inventory management

This plugin helps you to take control of your inventory through multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder, inventory reports, etc. This plugin is ideal for businesses with annual sales of at least $1 million or with more than 25,000 orders. The starting price for this is $799 per month.

20. EcomDash

This plugin helps you to manage your inventory and stocks automatically. You can sell your products from multiple stores and keep a track record of your sales from anywhere.

You can select your products according to their types and make a bundle of products and save them in that category. You can also track your products through a unique mapping id. You can get this at a price of $50 per month.


As per the above discussion, WooCommerce inventory management plugins are very useful for all online stores which are small as well big in size. These plugin helps the store to work smoothly without any hassle and stress.

Earlier it was a long process for every company to manage the inventory as well as for the WooCommerce warehouse management system and was not that accurate. But now with these plugins, the retailers are entitled to work at a much faster pace and with less workforce.

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