Fashion Trends for Muslim Women to Follow This Year

muslim fashion clothing

When it comes to fashion, Muslim women are just as indulgent as women of any other faith. They have their unique way of dressing up with a lot of room for creativity. Muslim women dress up in several ways according to their preference, some prefer wearing hijabs, whereas others prefer abayas and then some women like to wear simple non-revealing modest clothes. Whatever their preference is, all of them enjoy dressing up which is evident by the booming fashion industry in Muslim countries. Designers have made innovations in hijabs and abayas. Some foreign designers have also contributed to Muslim fashion, the latest one being the stitched lawn suits sold at Maria.B.

Fashion Forecast

Following are some trendy fashion tips for Muslim women.

Hybrid Hijab

Hybrid Hijab is a new form of hijab different from the traditional hijab and the turban hijab. This new form of hijab is a half turban and half traditional. The top is a turban while there is a piece of cloth hanging that you can use around your face like the traditional hijab or just leave it on the side for a new look. This hijab can be worn with both eastern and western clothes. It will look exceptional when worn with a stylish sleeveless coat in winter paired with full sleeves and a high-neck undershirt.

Embellished Abayas

Muslim women are not restricted by their faith and are as open to fashion as any other woman. Even the women who wear abayas carry them with utmost class and elegance. Many designers are now producing different types of abayas. Unlike the general perception of a black abaya, they are now being produced in every color with different cuts, which of course fulfill their purpose of covering the body. Some are box cuts, others are pleated, and some are sleek cuts. There is no end to fashion innovation. Embellishments of all kinds are done on the abayas. Light-colored embellished abayas are recommended for a formal occasion this year, as they look extremely graceful and modest.

Long Gown

A long casual gown in earthy tones with a little embellishment on the neck is recommended for semi-formal wear this season. Long gowns cover up your body and look modest. The right color and right embroidery will make you look super stylish. Gowns can be worn to lunches, tea parties, and get-togethers.

Baggy Shirt with a Skirt

For a casual day out with friends, opt for a baggy shirt in summer hues with a long flowy skirt. This combination looks very chic and yet modest. Oversized button-down collared shirts look best with flowy skirts. Wear them with wedge shoes to complete the look.

Full-Length Cover Ups

Belted full-length cover-ups in bright solid colors worn over clothes look very chic and are recommended for business meetings and casual coffee meet up type of events. They look very stylish when paired with the same color hijab. Apart from solids, floral prints with plain scarves and vice versa look beautiful, especially in the spring season. These can be used to mix and match to create different outfits from a limited number of pieces.

Long Dresses

Long flowy dresses in floral and abstract prints look very appealing. They can be paired with a plain hijab. Tights or straight trousers that cover up legs till the ankles can be worn underneath. Wear strappy sandals and carry a small crossbody bag to complete the look.


Blazers with formal pants and a tucked-in shirt are recommended for working women. They can be worn in any color, from earthy tones to bright colors. Blazer sets look extremely stylish and professional. Gone are the days when women were expected to wear pencil skirts with high heels at work. These pantsuits portray womenโ€™s empowerment and add stature to their personalities.


Kaftans never go out of fashion. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday use. They are loose and flowy, perfect for summer wear. Prints and designs can be chosen according to preference.

Kaftans look beautiful when worn formally. Formal kaftans use silky fabrics with embellishment but the cut is slightly sleeker than casual kaftans.

Trench Coat Cut

Trench coats are timeless and classic. They have been in fashion for a long time and always look elegant. Trench coat cut tunics paired with tights with a belt on the waist is the most recommended outfit of the season. Ready to wear trench tunics are easily available in the market. It looks great with and without the hijab. Deep colors like army green and maroon suit this cut the most.

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