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These days, people of all ages have access to cell phones. Everyone is making extensive use of the internet in their daily life. Even businesses are making great use of technology and the internet to promote their brands. One of these methods used by businesses is Bulk SMS Marketing. As the name suggests, it uses text messaging as the medium for presenting the brand in front of the audience.


Bulk SMS marketing is simply the sending and receiving of texts to promote your business to your targeted audience. It enables you to easily and efficiently reach a huge audience with minimal efforts. This marketing method has been used by businesses for years but it still remains as one of the best marketing techniques. You can send the same message to thousands of people with a single click. Emails are usually left unopened in the inboxes and calls are easily ignored but text messages rarely go unseen or ignored which helps in improving customer engagement.

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  • Increased ROI- Sending a text can be as cheap as $0.0075 but each text has the potential to produce sales of much higher value. Therefore, it enhances your ROI.ย 
  • Guaranteed delivery- Text messages donโ€™t need internet connection and everyone has texting services so the receiver will get the text whenever they are in network range. This guarantees delivery of the texts.ย 
  • Cost-friendly- Messaging via SMS is cheaper than the conventional marketing techniques. Thus, it is advisable for small businesses that are also keen to reach a huge audience.ย 
  • Less competition- Many businesses use social media, email, calling and other platforms for promotion of their brand. However, only about 25% of the brands use messaging via SMS for promotion and marketing. So, there is less competition in Bulk SMS marketing.ย 


Communication is crucial for businesses. However, knowing how to properly communicate with and attract customers can be a lot of work. There are several methods of communication associated with various pros and cons. But one method that is constantly on the top of the mind is Bulk SMS Marketing. This method helps in increasing ROI, reaching a massive audience easily, increasing potential customers and conversion rates and enhancing the brandโ€™s overall growth. All these benefits make this method one of the best methods of marketing.\

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