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Prophet Ibrahim brought up his nephew Prophet Lut, also known as “Prophet Lot.” May harmony arrive on him. Prophet Lut cherished, respected and firmly believed in Ibrahim’s message when everybody criticized him. Ibrahim and Lut frequently went far, across land and ocean, attempting to welcome and spread man to the crease of Islam.

During their movement to Palestine, Allah revealed to Ibrahim and Lut that Lut had been chosen as a Prophet and Messenger for the people of Sodom. Allah educated the new Prophet to make a trip to the city of Sodom, situated on the line of Jordan and Palestine, and call the violators back to the love of Allah.

Numerous explorers, vendors, and finance managers visited the flourishing city of Sodom for trade and commerce. In any case, Sodom was additionally the wrong city with the highest crime during that time. Voyagers passing Sodom were frequently waylaid and denied their assets and were hardheartedly killed occasionally. Nevertheless, the most infamous demonstration of detestability committed by this wrong country was homosexuality.

This dishonorable practice was the standard in this country, and the whole populace participated. The people of Sodom were engaged in immoral behavior openly and without shame. They indulged in these improper ways of behaving and were openly proud of it.

It is reported that the people of Sodom openly committed immoral acts and would block the entry of travelers to their streets. They would rob and kill them after forcing them to participate in their immoral deeds. Furthermore, it was not just some or even a more significant part of Lut’s AS individuals who participated in such practice; it was the whole populace.

In His mercy, Allah allowed Prophet Lut to settle among the people of Sodom so that he could guide them toward righteousness. Lut AS called them to regard Allah’s order and to venerate Him alone, without partners and join forces with Him. Furthermore, he restricted them from their unfair practice and severely disliked acts. However, they disregarded and dismissed his allure and went on in their wrong, unnatural demonstrations. Therefore, Allah obliterated them with extreme discipline.

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Prophet Lut warning to its people:

“Will you not dread Allah?” he expressed, attracting them to think about their responsibility to their Maker. Furthermore, guaranteeing the kin of his unwavering quality, he added, “To be sure, I am a dependable messenger to you. So dread Allah and comply with me. Furthermore, I do not ask you for it any installment. My installment is just from the Master of the universes.”

(Qur’an 26:161-164)

As though holding up a mirror before his kin, Lut AS attempted to make them check out at the terribleness of their debased propensities and criminal ways of behaving.

Do you commit indecency while you are seeing? Do you, to be sure, move toward men with want rather than ladies? Instead, you are a group acting obliviously.” Dua for pain

(Qur’an 27:54-55)

However, when Prophet Lut warned his people about their behavior and urged them to follow the path of righteousness, his kin reacted with indifference and insensitivity, simply saying:

“Remove the group of Lut from your city. Without a doubt, they are individuals who keep themselves unadulterated.”

(Qur’an 27:56)

Lut’s AS reprimand became more grounded: “Do you commit such shamelessness as nobody has gone before you with from among the universes?”

(Qur’an 7:80)

Despite the hatred and dangers he faced, Prophet Lut continued to teach and warn his people with unwavering loyalty. He repeated his message, emphasizing the error and foolishness of turning away from the righteous path Allah had ordained to fulfill their needs.

Shaytan was among them; similar to his way, he caused their activities to appear fair and healthy. They would ramble vulgarities in social events, pass wind, and giggle at it. They savored rooster, pigeon and goat battles. Additionally, they ridiculed bystanders, tossing rocks and whistling at them.

โ€œAll saturated with wrongdoing, they were hard of hearing Lut’s AS reprimands. Subsequently, the response of his kin was not; however, they said, “Present to us the discipline of Allah, assuming you ought, to be honest.”

(Qur’an 29:29)

“My Ruler,” Lut AS supplicated, “support me against the tainting individuals.”

(Qur’an 29:30)

The Heavenly angels visit Prophet Ibrahim A.S house:

Allah sent three heavenly messengers, including Holy messenger Jibreel, masked as men, to Prophet Ibrahim’s home as visitors. Ibrahim, who neglected to perceive the holy messengers, arranged a fabulous blowout for his visitors. Nevertheless, his visitors declined the dinners proposed to them.

Prophet Ibrahim became unfortunate; he inquired: “Who are you?” The holy messengers answered: “Do not be apprehensive! We are the holy angels of Allah. The angels sent by Allah said to the people of Sodom, “We have been sent to the people of Lut, and we have been sent to bring you happy news of a child who will possess much knowledge and wisdom.”

Prophet Ibrahim realized that Allah’s discipline for individuals of Sodom was close. He promptly dreaded his nephew, Lut;

Prophet Ibrahim told the angels, “Indeed, Lut is in that city.” The angels replied, “We have better knowledge of who is in it.” They comforted Ibrahim and assured him that Lut and his family would be saved.

At that point, the heavenly messengers continued towards Sodom, masked as attractive young fellows. The little girl of Lut, a devotee, saw the attractive men entering the city and quickly rushed to her dad and educated him regarding the three men. Prophet Lut moved toward the men and invited them to Sodom. He knew excessively well of the destiny that would come to pass for the young fellows because of the men of Sodom, so he expected to persuade the men to leave the city for their security. Prophet Lut was too embarrassed to ask the visitors to leave, so he directed them to his home and ensured that no one saw the three handsome men.

Lut’s better half, a non-devotee, saw the men as they went into her home, along with her significant other, Lut. She rushed to the city’s men and informed them that Lut had three appealing young fellows in his home. The men cheered at the news and gradually accumulated external the place of Lut and started beating on his entryway. Lut yelled: “Do not shame me concerning my visitors. Is there not among you a man of reason?” Developing fretful, the men yelled back: “Have we not illegal you from [hosting] individuals?”

The entire country of Sodom had now assembled highly close to home. They became anxious constantly and started separating his entryway. Feeling disturbed, Lut shouted to his kin: “These [the young ladies of the nation] are my little girls [to wed lawfully], assuming you should act so.” The men answered: “You have realized that we care very little about your girls, and you understand what we need.” Prophet Lut became vulnerable to the wrong individuals. “If by some stroke of good luck, I had against you some power or could take shelter in areas of strength for a,” he thought. The three men then made some noise: “O Lut, to be sure we are holy messengers of your Master; [therefore] they will never contact you.”

Heavenly messenger Jibreel then got out of Lut’s home and struck the men making all men lose their vision. Enraged and bewildered, the men of Sodom shouted, “What kind of sorcery has befallen us?” Where did this come from? O Lut! You are the one behind this. You will see how we will treat you tomorrow.” The visually impaired men then, at that point, got back to their homes, plotting to obliterate Lut the next day.

Allah directed Lut: “Set out with your family during a piece of the evening and let no among you think back, except your better half. Allah had decreed that they would be punished for their immoral behavior, and Prophet Lut had warned them of the consequences. He had said, “Indeed, they will be struck by the same punishment that will strike them.”

To be sure, their arrangement is [for] the morning. Isn’t the morning close?” As taught, Prophet Lut and his girls left Sodom during the evening.

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As the morning unfolded, a boisterous, puncturing cry followed through the city, shaking the inhabitants with extraordinary torment and dread. Jibreel then, at that point, snatched the country from the edge of his wing, raised them high up, wound the land, and crashed it to the ground. Allah then sent down stones of hard clay from the sky, each one mark with the name of a sinner who was mean to receive it, putting an end to the lives of the inhabitants of Sodom.

Prophet Lut, who left Sodom with his little girls, got back to his uncle, Prophet Ibrahim. Along with Ibrahim, Lut kept spreading Allah’s message until his demise.

Today, the Dead Ocean lies at the site of the immoral city of Sodom and stays as a vital sign of Allah’s rage against individuals of Prophet Lut. Allah the Commended says in the Blessed Quran: Surely! In this are signs for those who see. And verily! They (the cities) are on the high road (from Mecca to Syria, where the Dead Sea is now). Surely! Therein is indeed a sign for the believers.”

The story of Prophet Lut warns against engaging in immoral behavior and transgressing against Allah’s commandments. It also highlights the importance of following the guidance of the prophets and messengers sent by Allah.


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