Say Goodbye To Liposuction Fibrosis With The Non-Surgical Treatment

Is Liposuction on your mind to get rid of that unwanted fat? Well, it is indeed a tremendous cosmetic surgery that you can pick to get rid of that stubborn fat deposit. However, there could be a possibility that you develop Liposuction Fibrosis that creates lumps and bumps. But the best part is that a non-surgical treatment for Liposuction lumps and bumps is available at One of the treatments involves Liposuction lumpy and bumpy massages. Read on to know more!

What leads to the occurrence of Liposuction Fibrosis?

The formation of Liposuction Fibrosis is a common side effect that you could experience after Liposuction. But what you do about it is crucial. The lumps and bumps that you may form after your liposuction surgery occur owing to the formation of excessive connective tissue in the treated area. Our body starts healing when a cut appears, with connective tissues clotting the spot.

The procedure of Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat cells from beneath the skin. A cannula creates tunnels underneath the skin, and often the space in the tunnels gets filled with body fluids that lead to lumps and bumps after Liposuction. But don’t get worried because the non-surgical treatment for Liposuction lumps and bumps at Aspen After Surgery just wants you to need it.

The accumulation of fluid under your skin leads to swelling and is the most common cause of Liposuction Fibrosis. The cannula creates many tunnels under the skin during the procedure. These tunnels are filled with bodily fluids, causing irregular swelling and, as a result, bumpy skin surfaces. While other causes include:

  • A localized hematoma may cause bumpiness in some cases. When the blood is absorbed or surgically removed, this can take up to a year to improve.
  • The remaining fat after Liposuction is known as residual fat. These are minor hiccups that will subside over time. A secondary liposuction procedure can also help with this issue.
  • Furthermore, a surgeon’s lack of skill increases the occurrence of lumps and bumps after liposuction surgery.

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When does Liposuction Fibrosis start forming?

Liposuction fibrosis can be formed within a few weeks after your surgery, and it is seen as lumps and bumps on your skin. It is a result of edema, bacteria, and improper drainage. But the good news is that Liposuction lumpy and bumpy massages are a great way to cure them! When you start taking these massages at, your bumps will soon start flattening and be cured over time.

About Liposuction lumpy and bumpy massages

By now, you have understood that Lumps and bumps are expected after Liposuction, and you don’t need to freak out about it. Liposuction lumpy and bumpy massages can help, and they would enable to:

  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Reduce your swelling
  • Reduces your risk of scar tissue formation

One of the most recommended treatments comprises the Liposuction lumpy and bumpy massages technique, which uses manual lymphatic drainage therapy. It involves using light pressure and delicate pumping movements to push fluid from the treatment area toward lymph nodes.

It is required to do so because, after the liposuction surgery, your lymphatic system is not working at 100% and cannot drain fluid perfectly, leading to pain, swelling, and lumps! However, with Lymphatic drainage massage, these side effects can be reduced.

Another option that you can think about is wearing compression garments. Wearing these garments encourages your skin to conform smoothly over the new contour. These garments also promote healthy blood flow, reducing swelling, fluid, pain, and lumps!

A compression garment is also a non-surgical treatment for Liposuction lumps and bumps that requires you to wear them day and night for 1-2 weeks after a liposuction procedure as guided by the experts at After the mentioned period, you can continue to wear the compression garments only at night for at least two more weeks.

Wrap up!

It is an effective method to cure your Liposuction Fibrosis as it helps reduce the swelling and absorbs excess fluid from the procedure. Since the fluid is being flushed out of your body owing to the garment pressure, it also reduces the lumps. You will notice your skin returning to normal and smooth as the lumps and bumps vein off!

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