CR2016 vs CR2032 Batteries: Are They Equivalent?

CR2016 vs CR2032 Batteries

The CR2016 and CR2032 are two of the most widely used varieties of button-cell batteries. These small-size batteries are mostly used in different electronic devices like remote control, watches etc. They look like they are the same but have some differences. We’ll examine the similarities and differences between CR2016 vs CR2032 batteries in this post and provide an answer to the question: Are they interchangeable?


The CR2016 and CR2032 are two of the most popular varieties of button cell batteries, which are utilized in a variety of commonplace electronic gadgets. When selecting the best battery for your device, there are significant differences to take into account despite their apparent similarity. In this post, we’ll examine the characteristics, uses, and functionality of CR2016 and CR2032 batteries in more detail.

What are CR2032 vs CR2016 batteries?

Lithium button cell batteries come in the CR2032 and CR2016 varieties. .The first two numbers used to indicate battery size are in mm and the other two digits define the thickness in the 10th of mm

Physical Differences

There are small but significant physical variations between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries. The CR2016 dia is about 20 millimeters and thickness is 1.6mm while the CR2032 dia is 20mm and 3.2mm thickness. The CR2032 is therefore twice as thick as the CR2016, which may have an impact on how well it works with specific devices.

Capacity and Voltage

The capacity and voltage of CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are two of their biggest variances. 3V is the nominal voltage of cr2016 and the capacity is about 90mah while cr2032 has nominal volts of three volts and 220mah capacity..The CR2032 capacity is larger than the cr2016 that can have an impact on CR2032 operation and drain applications longevity


Batteries like CR2016 and CR2032 are often used in devices like watches, calculators, and remote controls. The CR2032 is better suited for devices that need more power, such as medical equipment, key fobs, and compact cameras, because to its greater capacity. It’s crucial to review the manufacturer’s requirements in order to get the right battery for your gadget.

Availability and Cost

Batteries in the CR2016 and CR2032 sizes are readily accessible and reasonably priced. The price, however, might differ according on the vendor, amount, and brand. Due to their increased capacity, CR2032 batteries often cost a little bit more than CR2016 batteries.

Shelf Life

Button cell battery shelf life can vary based on brand, storage environment, and use. The average shelf life is five to ten years lithium retains longer than alkaline batteries. Similar to CR2032 batteries, CR2016 batteries should be stored in a cool, dry environment to extend their shelf life.

Environmental Considerations

Button cell batteries contain lithium, a dangerous substance that, if not disposed of correctly, can have harmful effects on the environment. At the end of their useful lives, batteries should be recycled to avoid ending up in landfills or other unsuitable disposal locations. To make it simpler to dispose of unwanted batteries in a secure and environmentally beneficial manner, several retailers and municipal governments provide battery recycling programs.

Safety Concerns

When used appropriately, button cell batteries are often safe to use.ย  There are some issues related to security. For instance, cats and young toddlers may choke on button cell batteries. It can uses chemical burns if swallowed so keep away from children and pets Furthermore, button cell batteries should be handled carefully and disposed of properly because they can overheat or leak if they are punctured or exposed to high temperatures.

Choosing the Right Battery

There are some points that must be noted to make things easy to the selection of batteries. First, ascertain the proper size and voltage for your device by referring to the manufacturer’s requirements. Choose the CR2032 if your device needs a larger-capacity battery. The CR2016 would be a better option if it only needs a battery with a smaller capacity. To guarantee the caliber and dependability of the battery, it’s crucial to select a renowned brand and retailer. follow for moreย

Tips for Battery Usage

Here are some tips explained

  • Keep them somewhere dry and cold.
    Do not subject them to wetness or extreme heat.
    Properly dispose of spent batteries
    Adapt your device’s size and voltage accordingly.
    Separate the battery from the devices that are not in use
    When buying batteries, go with trusted manufacturers and retailers.

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