What is Electric Hoverboard ? How to use?


Recent years have witnessed a very active technological change. One of these changes was the invention of electric hoverboards. Maybe it was produce as a solution against traffic, maybe by someone who is too lazy to walk, but thereย  one thing we know is that this technology all over the world with the electric hoverboard features.

What is Electric Hoverboard?
It is a transportation vehicle with a speed sensor that calculates the balance point of the driver base on the dynamic balance principles. Since these products are put on the market after passing durability tests, they provide the opportunity to use them for a long time as a means of transportation in daily life.

Considerations When Using
Although it is quite small, it can be as difficult as learning a bike for some people. Here are the things you should pay attention to in the first meeting:

  • When using it for the first time, make sure that there is someone with you who can hold you in case you lose your balance,
  • Once you have determin the balance point when you are comfortable and confident, it will be enough to act as if you are standing straight,
  • Since the device calculates the balance point itself, you need to get on quickly and stop confidently. Otherwise, if you move, the device cannot balance,
  • You should not do any balancing movements such as spreading the arms to the sides or leaning forward or backward, the device will provide your balance itself.
  • Use it after reading the user manual and making the necessary adjustments.

How Does Electric Hoverboard Work?

Although the features of each electric hoverboard use are different, a digital gyroscope and speed sensor are generally use. Especially when using the device at high speed, tilting forward slightly allows you to balance the centrifugal force and the device works more efficiently.

  • After taking the device out of the box, turn it on by pressing the on-off button it is necessary to press the button for a long time and wait for the sound to be hear.
  • Then the most important part of a battery status should be check. You can learn the battery percentage from the screen on the device.
  • After all the checks, you should pay attention to the device on the first boarding. The device is balance it can be used more easily.
  • To move forward on the device, you must stand upright and incline forward.
  • If you want to stop while moving forward, you must stand straight, provide 90 degrees to the road, that is, without any inclination.
  • Since there is a backward function among the feature of the electric hoverboards, it is possible to go backwards with the device slight backward slope.

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