Ensure youโ€™re up to date with this list of revalidation dates

revalidation due date list

It is important to be aware ofย revaidation due dates, to ensure that verified documents, such as education and work experience, are current and up to date. To find out more about the full list of revalidation due dates/times, you can follow this link to Provider Enrollment Services revalidation due date list .

Guidance on how to check revalidation dates

It is important to understand what revalidation dates mean, the importance of these and how to be aware of them.

    • Revalidation dates are times when it is necessary to once again check and verify documentation
    • These types of verification can require physical documentation such as certifications, references and/or diplomas
    • The revalidation of documents is important in order to ensure accuracy and safety of documents.

How frequently do revalidations need to be done?

This can vary depending on the frequency of change in the level of usage or information for the source of the documentation. However, it is best practice to ensure documents are revalidated as often as needed.

    • It may be necessary to revalidate documentations every six months
    • It may be necessary to revalidate documents yearly
    • It may be necessary to revalidate documents more frequently if needed

It is important to note that it is up to the discretion of the provider and the source of the documentation as to whether revalidation is necessary or not.

Best Practices for Revalidation

It is essential to understand what revalidation means and to make sure to stay up to date on revalidations. Here are some best practices that should be followed when conducting revalidations:

    • Always make sure to have the most accurate and up to date documentations
    • Make sure to coordinate the revalidation process with the source of the documentation
    • Make sure to inform the necessary departments when revalidation has been done

By following these best practices, chances of errors and missed revalidations are minimized, which significantly reduces the chances of producing false documents or records.

It is important to know when to conduct revalidation and how to do so. By staying up to date on the full list of revalidation due dates, you can ensure that all documentations are updated, accurate and compliant. For more details and information, feel free to visitย Provider Enrollment Servicesโ€™ Revalidation Due Date List.

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