Know to stop iPhone to share location without notification

how to stop sharing location

If you are reading this blog to get to know how to stop sharing location then this is the perfect blog for you to read where you will be offered with the best and reliable information.ย 

The only thing you are supposed to know is to simply go through the steps properly which are given for you.ย 

Sharing location feature on an iPhone device

Sharing location on your iPhone device allows you to locate your friends as well as family quickly and vice versa and in case you have left your iPhone device, you can make use of location sharing feature and locate it.ย 

For asking someone to reach you, you can use this location sharing feature so that they are able to find you easily.ย 

This feature is amazing for your children as you can keep a track of them and can find them easily.ย 

Stopping location sharing feature for the users

You must be wondering if you can stop sharing location without notifying us then we would like to tell you that the answer is yes, which means you can do so with the use of multiple ways which we are going to provide for you.ย 

Turn off the element of find my iPhoneย 

To do this you must first move to the settings option and then tap on your name, and then on find my name option following which click on find my iPhone option.ย 

Now, in this step you must click on the green bar so that you can turn it off which will turn off the feature for you.ย 

Turning off the option of share my location on your iPhone deviceย 

Another feature you should turn off is sharing my location for which you should first move to the find my app on your device and then get to the next step.ย 

In this step you need to move to the people section where you can click on the name of the person with whom you are not willing to share your location anymore.ย 

You can scroll upwards to find the option of stop sharing my location and the press on it.ย 

For how to turn off location without notifying you now have to confirm the prompt which appears on your screen saying that stop sharing location.ย 

As soon as you hit on the option, your location sharing with that particular person will be stopped and you do not need to worry about them knowing your location.ย 

We believe that the details offered by us to you in this blog has been helpful and beneficial for you and in learning about stopping location sharing, however if you still want to find out some more details then we would suggest you a website.ย is the website which you can use on your browser to get to know about what you need, and since it is a website which has a user friendly interface, it will be easy for you in finding out the details you need.

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