Product Boxes and the E-commerce Industry: A Study of Packaging Design in the Digital Age

Now the world is moving towards more digital platforms for buying and selling various products. Instead of physical stores, the e-commerce industry is growing fast, with a high acceptance rate all around the world. Now you can order your products from one corner of the world at your place without any difficulty. However, for the safe delivery of the products, durable and strong product boxes are mandatory. Not just protection, these boxes play a vital role in winning the heart of customers with aesthetics.

Packaging Design Trends for Product Boxes in E-commerce Industry

E-commerce stores are growing day by day. Due to saturation, businesses now have to work on the quality of their products along with the presentation. For physical appearance, product boxes are an important part. To make a strong impact on your brand, you have to utilize new technologies to turn these boxes into something extraordinary. Letโ€™s see how the packaging design of e-commerce stores has changed in this digital age:

  • Innovative Box Shapes

Now that we have the technology, it’s easy to make boxes of different sizes and shapes. With advanced die-cutting and perforation methods, you can make any shape you want out of large sheets of cardboard or any other material. Because of this, e-commerce companies now use interesting shapes like hexagons and pyramids for their custom product boxes. When people get items in boxes with such unique shapes, they are happy and feel special.

  • Quick Printing Technique

Packaging solutions are now printed using several different ways. With better technology, digital printing is becoming very popular because it is better and faster than other ways like screen printing or offset printing. You can check how your ideas look as a whole by making a digital drawing of them on the computer. With this computer drawing, you can print out that picture. With this method, you can put anything you want on the surface of your product boxes wholesale without any problems. Because of this, it’s a good choice for brands that want to make complicated designs that look good.

  • Premium Finishing

Using different coatings to give your goods a high-end look is another important part of packaging design. For your custom product boxes, you can choose either a matte or a glossy finish. Aside from these levels, there are more advanced ways to add finishing touches, such as embossing, debossing, etc. In the process of embossing, a part of the box is raised. In debossing, heat is used to have an indented area. Both of these ways are now popular for beautifully putting important business branding elements. The chances that a customer will remember your brand name printed with these techniques are also high.

  • Amazing Unboxing experience

Not only have finishing and printing changed over time, but now people are putting more thought into how their boxes feel when you open them. Customers will remember this thing for a long time. Because of this, companies are coming up with new ways to make this moment stand out. Various printing methods now make it possible to print on the inside of custom printed product boxes in high quality. You can make your stickers and put them inside the box to make the experience of opening it more fun and memorable. In this digital age, these kinds of things don’t need much money, but they pay off in the long run.

  • Value Added Embellishments

To have a distinctive look, e-commerce stores also invest their resources in having value-added embellishments or features for their packaging design. Like now, die-cut windows in various shapes are in trend that give insight into the inside product. Also, ribbons, laces, and buttons are popular decorations for custom printed product boxes that shops like to put on the top lid. Adding something like this with a nice design print makes a great show for the eyes. When customers get goods with these kinds of extras, they feel like they’re getting something special custom boxes and want to buy from that company again and again.


In the e-commerce industry, the importance of product boxes is undeniable. You cannot run a successful business in the world if your packaging is not up to the mark. However, with fierce competition, e-commerce stores are now adopting new ways of designing these boxes attractively. From printing to finishing value-added embellishments, you have a wide range of options that you can consider for your brandโ€™s presentation. Successful stores are already focusing on adopting new and latest design options for their packaging.



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