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Although they aren’t as common as once, hoverboards have been around for a while and are still a great way to move around. Try performing some cool stunts on your hoverboard to take it to the next level. Here are some pointers to get you going.

1.ย  Prioritize Safety

Ensure you have all the proper safety equipment before performing any tricks. This consists of a helmet, elbow, knee, and wrist protectors. It would also help to put on secure, closed-toe shoes on the hoverboard.

2.ย  Understand the Fundamentals

It would help to practice riding your hoverboard before you start performing tricks. You must smoothly ride forward, backward, turn, and stop. You can graduate with more complex techniques once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

3.ย  The Manual

One of the simplest hoverboard skills to master is the manual. You must maintain balance on the hoverboard’s back wheels while maintaining the front wheels in the air to perform a manual. Slowly move forward first, then reposition your weight so the front wheels rise. As long as you can, maintain the position. This trick takes practice, so keep going even if you wait to get it.

4.ย  The Spin

The spin is a well-known move that appears amazing but is quite simple to perform. Ride forward first, then turn your body to spin in the opposite direction. For instance, turn your body to the left to spin clockwise. Next, turn the hoverboard using your heels and toes while maintaining body balance over the wheels. Turn your body back to its starting position after spinning for a full rotation.

5.ย  The Jump

The jump is a trick that is more difficult and takes some practice. Riding forward at first, then squatting as low as you can. Jump as high as possible by pushing off the ground with your legs. Bring your feet together in the air and simultaneously land on both wheels. Practice is necessary for this technique, so begin slowly and progress.

6.ย  The 360 Spin

A more complex variation of the spin trick is the 360 spin. Ride forward first, then turn your body to spin in the opposite direction. Next, turn the hoverboard with your heels and toes while keeping your body centered over the wheels. Use your body to continue spinning after you’ve completed a full rotation to complete a 360-degree turn. Start with minor turns and work up to larger ones, as this technique requires practice.

7.ย  The One-foot Trick

A trick that is more difficult and calls for exceptional balance is the one-foot trick. Start moving forward on the hoverboard, then lift one foot off it. Control the board with your other foot, then switch feet and do it again. You can experiment with shifting your foot or extending your leg as you get more at ease.

8.ย  The Handstand

The handstand is a difficult but impressive trick that takes a lot of practice. Riding ahead first, gradually leaning forward until your hands are on the ground. Lift your feet off the hoverboard and use your hands to balance once on the ground. Hold the handstand as long as possible; slowly bring your feet back to the board.

9.ย  The Grind

A common skateboarding move known as the grind can also be performed on a hover board. Find a rail or ledge to grind on first. The hoverboard’s wheels will move along the rail as you ride towards it, hop onto it, and balance there.


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