Web Design as Digital Art: Web Developer Orlando FL Breaking the Rules

Websites’ appearance affects the user experience, which is why visual design is a crucial part of user experience design. But personal preferences don’t necessarily determine success for a web developer Orlando FL.

It will be challenging to have an unbiased discussion about design since it’s personal and emotional. To be objective, it’s important to consider user needs and behavior when designing a website.

Websites are not like artwork for your living room because people use them to click, tap, read, scroll, and search. These interactions serve a purpose to solve a business problem. Social Media Marketing Course in Lahore

Treating a website like art will lead to negative consequences such as poor goals, research, structure, usability, content, and more. While websites are beautiful, a web designer creates something to use, and an artist creates something to appreciate.

Breaking The Rules of Web Design

Web developer Orlando FL experts find endless advice on website design with a quick Google search. Many experts offer concrete solutions and conservative “thought-leaders” share their success stories. However, this shouldn’t be the case.

Web design, like art, evolves over time, and preferences change year after year. Breaking the rules of web design, intentionally or not, lead to this evolution. WordPress Course in Lahore

Although this process occurs naturally due to design staleness, few designers actively seek to innovate. We need to see a change in this approach.

In today’s fast-paced environment, we frequently overlook innovative ideas and choose for the tried-and-true. We’ve grown accustomed to copying when it comes to web design.

Despite claiming that each brand has a unique personality, many corporate websites look and function similarly. It’s even common for search engines to suggest popular template website builders, like Squarespace, WiX, Divi, and GoDaddy.

Although these companies have simplified the website development process for businesses, their service is limited to pre-made templates.

Rules to Break In Web Design

To “break the rules” in web design means to approach design changes with careful consideration and testing. It’s important for designers to understand why design rules exist before attempting to change them. Similar to painting, there are foundational principles that expert web designers have refined by using what works.

For example, hiding your website’s navigation from visitors would be counterproductive to their visit.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is effective in breaking visitors’ auto-pilot mode while browsing a website. It is essential to measure its impact carefully, for example, the number of products viewed. Horizontal scrolling also diverts visitor attention back to the website and reduces mindless scrolling.

Ditch The Grid

Visual hierarchy has always been crucial in web design, and designers have used grids to help structure their layouts. But what if they went beyond those boundaries?

By doing so, designers create more visual interest and draw attention to important elements. While it’s not recommended to completely abandon the use of grids, incorporating elements outside of them adds a unique flair to a design.

Color Experiments

In the early days of web design, few people knew how to sort a website in terms of hierarchy. This led to either overcrowded web pages or simple layouts. Today, there is a balance in content structuring, but color is still an area to explore.

Color helps identify or separate information, establish call-to-actions, and visual hierarchy, and create excitement. Experiment with different combinations and transitions to create visual interest for web developer Orlando FL.

Design In Dark Mode

In the past, designs with light backgrounds and contrasting fonts were recommended for easy readability. Even today, accessibility guidelines require a contrast ratio between the two elements. However, designers experiment with inverting their color schemes.

Although legibility is essential, many website visits occur after hours on mobile devices. Providing a dark-design alternative is a quality-of-life benefit, particularly if your traffic is mainly late in the evening or overnight. While some companies have adopted this style, dark backgrounds are not yet mainstream.


Web design is an essential aspect of user experience, and it evolves over time for web developer Orlando FL. To innovate and create unique designs, designers should break the rules of web design, but they need to understand the principles before doing so.

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