Reasons Behind the Popularity of Prefabricated Wooden Houses

Prefabricated wooden home

The need for prefabricated homes in many countries is increasing due to new lifestyles after the pandemic. This type of home offers many benefits, including saving money and time during its construction.


Why are prefabricated wooden houses so popular?

It is more common to work from home.ย Teleworking is becoming more common, and it’s no longer necessary to live near cities.

According to the modular homes Oregon building kit specialists, the main reason to have this type of home is that they are more sustainable and use fewer resources.

The materials are biodegradable. They do not pollute when you move the house to another location.

In addition to the current inflation, the prices of houses or rent per square meter in the country are too high.ย Many people find it difficult to enter the market for real estate because they can’t afford these properties, or rent them out.

Due to the difficulties in the market, there are now new options that enable people to buy new sustainable properties.

In other modern countries, it is easier to find prefabricated wood houses, but the less modern countries also show an increase in the development of these innovative properties.


Some other reasons for prefab wooden home’s popularity

This is because people prefer to purchase properties that are low in pollution.ย These houses do not use concrete. Instead, they use wood, linen, and, in some cases, cardboard.

All of these materials are non-polluting, biodegradable, and are therefore suitable for building.

The truth is that many people think that a cardboard home will not be able to withstand moisture and end up crumbling. This is far from the case. These houses are constructed using an insulation process that protects the materials and makes them last over 50 years.

The panels can be easily moved on any base or support. They do not require foundations. This allows prefabricated wooden housesย to be moved and leaves no trace on the ground.

They are also very easy to modify, as they are constructed of lightweight panels, compared to concrete houses with foundations.

This type of property is most popular among young people, who tend to work remotely and bet on sustainability.


Prefabricated wooden houses have many other advantages too:

They can be built in a more personalized manner, as they are made from modules. This gives them the freedom to choose what kind of space they desire.

This type of construction is usually not heavier than 700 kilograms. It allows for spaces that don’t require great resistance to be adapted.

People who are still unsure about this type of housing can try it outย during their holidays.ย There are many houses available at affordable prices in several parts of Europe in tourist areas that travelers find very interesting.

Solar panels are the most common way to provide electricity to these homes, as they do not require fossil fuels or other resources.

Gas is not needed to heat the home because there are ways of storing the heat in the summer and using it during the winter.

A very efficient system of waste separation is also available, which prevents contamination of spaces, water, or other vital elements.ย This type of house is more efficient and useful.

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