Fix Your Wavlink WiFi Gadget Not Functioning Error wavlink extender not working

While using your Wavlink network, do you encounter connectivity issues with the Wavlink WiFi? Do you have a malfunctioning Wavlink extender? If you are nodding or experiencing any issues with the Wavlink extension, you can try these troubleshooting techniques. You will learn a lot of things like modifying the channels of your router and most important installation procedure. Remember, do not skip any process. wavlink extender not working

Restart The Wavlink WiFi Extender

  • Wait for 30 seconds after you turn off the extender.
  • Switch on the extender and give it a few moments to start up.
  • To reconnect, try once more.

Confirm The Extenderโ€™s Connection To Your Router

There are two likely reasons why you canโ€™t connect to your router even though you can see its WiFi signal:


  • There is a possibility that the extender wonโ€™t make a connection to the primary router. Verify the connection to make sure it is set up properly and that it is functioning.
  • Itโ€™s practicable that your computer or other devices are not all connected to the same router as the extender. Make sure your homeโ€™s multiple routers are all interconnected if you have more than one (e.g., with an Ethernet cable).

Directly Attach Your Device Using An Ethernet Cable To Your Router

The extender is probably malfunctioning if you use an Ethernet cable. To link your computer or phone directly to your router. Instead of the extender, you might want to try using another router.ย 


If this does not resolve the issue, make sure that all of your devices are within the extenderโ€™s range. And that they all should connect to the same network.

On Your WiFi Router, Modify The Wireless Channel

Try switching your WiFi routerโ€™s wireless channel if you have a dual-band router. Most routers have many channels available for signal broadcasting. Change to a different channel if one is interfering with another.


This may only require checking which wireless channels are in use by neighboring networks on a few routers and selecting an open channel. On some, you might have to choose a particular channel number by hand.


To modify the WiFi channel on your router:


In the address bar of an internet browser window, type This ought to take you straight to your routerโ€™s configuration page, where you can change things. Such as the data encryption settings, network name (SSID), password, and more.


After trying these tips, if you are still experiencing that your Wavlink extender not working then you need to reset your Wavlink device.

Reset The WiFi Extender From Wavlink

If none of the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above have worked, your Wavlink device is probably set up incorrectly. You must therefore correctly configure it. Reset the extender to its factory defaults first.


All of the extenderโ€™s specific settings will be removed during a factory default reset. As a result, create a backup of the extenderโ€™s settings before resetting it. Simply press the Wavlink extenderโ€™s Reset button to start the factory default reset process. The extender resets to its original factory default settings. Set it up from start to end right now.


Note: After the reset, you will need to set up your Wavlink extender. If you donโ€™t have enough knowledge, then you need to follow the Wavlink extender installation process. Here are some tips:

Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Via Manual Way

Before you can begin using your extender, it must first configure. Basically, the extenders function by boosting the signal from your router to them. As a result, you will need to set up your extender so that it can communicate with your router. Here is a list of the procedures you must carry out to set up your extender.


To guarantee that everything goes according to plan. Make sure to complete the steps in the following order, without skipping a beat:


  • Activate the Wavlink WiFi extender by plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  • The power switch and your router with WPS capabilities must both turn on.
  • Place your WiFi extenders close to one another while the Wavlink extender setup is completed.
  • On both the extender and the router, you must locate the WPS button.
  • To connect your router and Wavlink extender, you must now press the WPS button on each device.
  • Before moving on, wait for your connectivity process to finish.
  • The LED lights will start to turn green after a short while, signifying that the connection is successful.


You can enjoy seamless internet access throughout your entire home or office. If you carefully follow all the instructions for setting up your Wavlink extender.

Wavlink Extender Setup Via WPS

By following these steps, you can easily configure the Wavlink extender using WPS:


  • To the power source, attach your Wavlink extender.
  • Make sure your router at home is not far from your repeater.
  • To connect your device to the internet, press the WPS button on the gadget.
  • Verify that you are also pressing the WPS button on your home router.
  • Watch for the stable green WPS light to appear.
  • If you see the green light on the extender, and the router, both are connected properly.
  • As needed, you can now remove your extender from its current location and relocate it.
  • The remaining WiFi-capable devices in your collection can now join the larger wireless network.


You can learn how to set up and troubleshoot the Wavlink Extender in this post. After reading this article, we hope that you can easily set up your Wavlink device or that you will be as joyful as a clown.

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