Choose Wisely: Top 2 Heavy Equipment for Construction Operations in India

Choose Wisely Top 2 Heavy Equipment for Construction Operations in India

Choosing heavy equipment or machinery for executing construction tasks or earthwork operations has to be well-planned. One wrong selection and your entire project can suffer! You need to select heavy-duty equipment that offers performance and productivity that too at a reasonable price point.

So, here we bring you two pieces of Heavy equipment; a backhoe loader and excavator from JCB & Tata Hitachi. You wonโ€™t be disappointed with these choices as they are made to support large construction operations with their best-in-class features.

Two Best Heavy Equipment Made for Delivering

1. JCB 3DX

JCB 3DX is a well-known Backhoe Loader suitable for minor demolitions, transportation of building materials, paving roads, performing construction works, etc. This JCB price in India ranges from Rs. 35 Lakh to Rs. 38 Lakh. Moreover, with a maximum operating weight of 1800 Kg, the vehicle offers great stability even while handling heavy loads. This equipment is suitable for lifting around construction sites as it can reach a height of 3000 MM.

2. Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus

Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus is the best-in-the-segment 55 hp excavator, priced up to Rs. 32 Lakh in India. Its max operating weight of 7000 Kg allows the vehicle to stay stable even while handling heavy loads. Moreover, this excavator offers a max digging depth of 4150 MM, suitable for precise digging tasks around construction sites.

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