Can Being Over Weight Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can Being Over Weight Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Want one more compelling argument for losing some weight? According to studies, erectile dysfunction and obesity may go hand in hand. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your physical appearance can also help your love life. How? Read on.

Sex Drive and Testosterone

It’s uncertain at what dosage ED may be impacted by low testosterone levels in the blood. However, it is evident that this hormone contributes to increased sex desire.

Male testosterone levels have been reported to decrease with obesity. The chance of having low testosterone increased by 75% for every 4 inches of waist measurement rise.

Most men with ED ought to have their testosterone levels evaluated, and they most likely will. If your doctor hasn’t already recommended it, especially if you’re overweight, ask them to test your testosterone levels. If it’s low, taking medicine or decreasing weight can help you feel more sexually inclined.

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Arterial Health

ED can serve as an early warning sign for heart disease and circulation issues, both of which are related to being overweight. The cause is that having an erection requires extra blood to be sent to and held in the penis during sexual activity. You won’t be able to achieve or sustain an erection if something prevents that blood from going or staying where it needs to be.

The cause is frequently plaque obstructing the arteries that feed blood to the penis. Consult your doctor about getting your cholesterol checked if you have ED. To check for potential heart disease, inquire with your doctor if a stress test is necessary.


Medication that helps with weight loss can induce ED in addition to treating problems brought on by being overweight, including as high blood pressure and aches and pains. These include narcotics, diuretics, medications for heartburn, and high-blood pressure drugs. If you believe that any of your medications may be causing erection problems, speak with your doctor.

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Psychiatric Roots

There are various reasons why you might be overweight. Stress and depression are a couple of them. ED may be brought on by emotional or physical factors, or even both. Severe obesity and depression have been linked by researchers. Therefore, if you’re severely obese and you’re worried that you might be depressed, talk to your doctor.

Certain antidepressants may result in ED. If you’re on one, discuss switching to a different medication with your doctor to see if the situation improves. Never stop taking this medication without first consulting a doctor about a tapering-off strategy.

Therapy with a qualified counselor can be beneficial if you are experiencing sex-related anxiety, fear, or guilt. Sex therapy can also assist your spouse in coping with the sexual issues you are both experiencing.

Exercise Has Benefits

Regular exercise not only reduces stress and burns calories, but it may also minimize your risk of ED. Consult your doctor about the best program for you before you begin exercising. Think about everyday workouts you’re likely to enjoy and want to keep up, whether it’s a kickboxing class, a brisk walk around the neighborhood after dinner with a friend, or 30 minutes in the morning on a stationary cycle while watching the news.

Recent research has indicated that moderate-intensity exercises, such as brisk walking and mild cycling, can improve mood for up to 12 hours. The ideal way to improve your mood might be to exercise every day but aim for at least five days per week. No matter your weight or physical shape, a different study found that exercise can help you feel better about yourself. And a fantastic way to make the bedroom happy is to feel good about your body.

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