Things To Remember When Painting Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Are your tiles damaged, outdated, out-of-style, or simply do you want to update the look of your house? Install kitchen tiles to give your home a new look without spending much time or money.

What type of enamel paint should I use to paint my kitchen tiles?

The kitchen is one of the most humid areas in the home. It also requires the most cleanliness due to its use. It is important to use enamel. You will getย better adhesion, greater elasticity, and a uniform finish.

The enamels are also washable and resistant to moisture, making them perfect for painting tiles in the kitchen.

The enamels used for painting tiles are:

  • Acrylic enamels.ย It is not too shiny whichย can help to conceal imperfections on surfaces.ย This type of enamel can be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to stains.
  • Synthetic enamels.ย The finish is extremely shiny.ย It is resistant to wear, but it will eventually turn yellow.ย You must use white spirit, solvent, or other specific products to clean it.

According to the Orillia kitchen renovations experts, To choose the right color for your tiles, it is best to use a lighter, brighter shade.

Tile glazes come in a variety of colors and shades. The choice depends on your style and what you are trying to achieve.


You should consider how you will paint the tiles before you begin

You can try:

  • Mono-color.ย This means all tiles are the same color.
  • Geometric Figures.ย You can achieve impressive and decorative results by creating geometric designs using simple lines, abstract shapes, and a white backdrop.
  • Stencil designs.ย The stencil technique allows you to create very intricate designs by using templates.
  • Imperfect finishes. You can draw shapes with different intensities or even multiple colors within the same range. What is the result? Several kitchen tiles can be matched to decorative styles like vintage, and rustic.
  • Only paint the tiles that are damaged or stained.ย This is an easy and quick alternative that can produce some very interesting results.


Steps and tricks for painting kitchen tiles:

Clean the surface

The tiles must be completely clean before applying the enamel. To get a better outcome, use soap, water, a degreaser, and a scourer.


Cover those parts that you do not want to paint

It is important to protect those elements that you cannot remove (furniture or shelves, pipes, countertops, and faucets).ย It’s alsoย important to protect the elements of your kitchen that cannot be removed, such as furniture or shelves, pipes, counters, faucets, etc.ย Use paper, painter’s tape, and plastic.


First coat of primer

This step is not always required (some tile enamels don’t require a primer), however,ย is highly recommended for better results.ย The product must adhereย to the tile as much as possible.

Use a roller or brush to apply one or two layers of the product. Let it dry before checking the results.

should ensure that all joints are covered by the roller when performing this step. Consider that some tiles have a rustic look or a lot of relief. It is possible that your roller will not reach the joints.


Paint the kitchen tiles

Apply a coat with a foam rollerย after the fixative is dry.ย It is possible to apply one or two coats, but it is important to adhere to the drying time between the first and second layers (normally 24 hours).ย To achieve the best results, we recommend making vertical passesย only once.


Remove plastic, clean the paint, and go over the joints

We recommend using a joint mark (the product comes in a similar format to a pen), but you’ll have to wait until the wall is dry. You can apply multiple layers until your lines are perfect.

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